Autonomous driving

Innovation Network "Autonomous Driving in Rural Areas"

Demand-controlled autonomous bus

On our GreenTEC campus, buses without drivers will be tested from 2018 onwards. The innovation network "Autonomous driving in rural areas" hopes for a better transport connection for people in the country in the long term.

The goal is that interested people can call the electric buses by app. There will be no timetables and fixed routes. The bus comes as required. Thus, far-off parts of the city are again connected to public transport, which is particularly interesting for the elderly.

The pilot project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Transport (EUR 2.3 million) will start with a bus on the GreenTEC campus in Enge-Sande, and from summer 2018 there will be autonomous buses on Sylt and the North Frisian mainland. According to the project team, the e-busses are able to navigate independently to the destination and to search for a charging station as soon as the guest has arrived.

The new project is called "NAF Bus": this stands for "demand-controlled autonomous bus". The buses in the pilot project phase, in which the acceptance is to be tested, are not unmanned. A steward will be available to the passengers for questions.

Your Safety Steward

Rainer Olhöft

Further information

You can find more information on the future concept of "On-Demand" within the framework of the BMVI funding guidelines "Automated and networked driving":

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