The GreenTEC Campus

Green technology and ernergy cluster in the northern part of Germany

A location with perfect opportunities

Specialised in the relocation of companies active in the renewable energy industry

The GreenTEC Campus in Enge-Sande offers premises of about 130 hectares located near Husum, an important wind energy location, and in proximity of various large onshore wind farms and planned offshore wind farms. The campus is an exceptional green commercial park specialised in the relocation of companies active in the renewable energy industry. Furthermore, the site is of environmental and touristic importance, as it was fenced in for decades and a unique flora and fauna emerged within the area.

At the same time, we consider ourselves a "living lab" for the further development of green technologies – we merge the theoretical and practical parts in order to strengthen the renewable energy industry as a whole and to contribute to a successful energy transition. A close co-operation of all resident companies is our way to create a centre for renewable energies in Northern Germany.

Green business park and living lab

Size is not a crucial point for a location at GreenTEC Campus. It is the common vision which unites all resident companies. We offer ideal opportunities for every kind of company: the portfolio includes single offices, halls and workshops for immediate use as well as vacant areas with a size from 1500 m² und 7500 m².

We also offer a special mobility concept: all resident companies can use charging stations for electric vehicles as well as on-road and off-road test tracks. In addition, we have a testing area for battery storage for joint use and development of energy storage technologies.

Our offer
  • Convenient location near Husum, important new energy exhibition location
  • Free Wi-Fi on campus
  • Representative, well maintained premises
  • Modern infrastructure with broadband cabling
  • Various centralised services for resident companies
Nature conservation

Due to its development potential, the area is of high importance from a nature conservation perspective. Parts of the area are very suitable for the use as energy account (German "Ökokonto", a possibility of ecological compensation) because of the unique flora.