Location concepts for alternative mobility

Alternative mobility concepts keep entering the market

E-Mobility is already well established in Nordfriesland: one third of all electric vehicles in the federal state Schleswig-Holstein are registered in the Nordfriesland region.

The German government aims at bringing up to 1 million electric vehicles onto the street by 2020. The advantages of E-Mobility are obvious: ranging from high degree of efficiency of up to 90% to a very comfortable way of travelling. Furthermore, due to the high amount of energy produced in Northern Germany, a regional use of energy for mobility is a logical consequence.

So it is no longer the question if, but only how quickly the use of E-Mobility will increase. We are convinced that E-Mobility will have a significant market share in only a view years, therefore we already offer a platform for all companies willing to be active in this area.

Our portfolio

In the front part of GreenTEC Campus, near a highly frequented road (traffic to Sylt), an E-Mobility exhibition area will be developed. Customers will have the opportunity to see a wide range of electric vehicles of various brands and also to have a test drive to truly experience e-mobililty. Whether two or four wheels, private or commercial use, there will be an intersting option for everyone. There is already a diversified portfolio of mature electric vehicles available today, ranging from city cruisers to buses for public transport.

We are currently working on different concepts our site can offer in this area. Even today, GreenTEC Campus provides a perfect network for E-Mobility. The co-operative eE4mobile is already present at the campus, which offers members favourable E-Mobility rates and also test drives on the test rack. In September 2013, more than 60 NISSAN LEAFs could be marketed this way, which is another example for the large interest in E-Mobility in the Nordfriesland area.

We are equipped with four electric charging stations - including a CHAdeMO rapid charging station - and a showroom for charging infrastructure and therefore already promote E-Mobility. It is a matter of course that we offer our customers free GreenTEC power at all charging stations. Further charging stations are to be found here: www.lemnet.org

All companies located at the campus already drive electric vehicles, as E-Mobility is not only an ideology for us, but day-to-day living. Furthermore, the topics energy generation (EasyWind and SunOyster) and smart home solutions (Wago, Hellmann, eigenstormwiese) are already represented at the campus, which results to interesting synergies.


You are a manufacturer or distributor of electric vehicles, you need storage or exhibition area? You would like to put into practice E-Mobility topics at the GreenTEC Campus together with us? Then please feel free to contact us, we will then be happy to work on location concepts with you, research funding possibilities and bring you in contact with the suitable partners.

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Test track for electric vehicles

GreenTEC Campus does not only offer a lot of space for production, distribution and research related to E-Mobility, but also a test track of about six kilometres for electric vehicles.

Map of our test track