Green electricity by GreenTEC Strom

100% green electricity from the region for the region

Good reasons to switch

With electricity from GreenTec you do it absolutely right. It is generated regionally and also consumed in the region - at the same time and at the same amount. This is how the transition of energy systems can be 100% sustainable. So do it right and switch to energy from the North! GreenTEC and Nordgröön offer a good deal:

  • fixed energy prize guaranteed for 12 months
  • 100% sustainable
  • terminable at any time

Good principle

Electricity is not only consumed in our region, but also generated (by wind, sun and biomass) and fed into the grid. We are synchronizing the energy feed-in and the consumption to a large extent. By this means, conventional electricity can be pushed back from the energy pool without imports and without huge power lines. You are able to help – just as a matter of principle.

GreenTEC Campus in Enge-Sande is a unique green commercial park with an area of more than 120 hectares. The companies situated here are all related to renewable energy and electric mobility and work together as a "living lab" which sets new standards – in Northern Germany and internationally.

Good mix

We aim at surpassing all legal requirements sustainably. This is not easy, as regulations are not always logical. You need an example? You can only sell energy as "ecological electricity" or "green electricity" if you pay for a certificate from public authorities. As we are "Northern blockheads", we do not accept this at all. We do not want to pass on the costs of public certificates to our customers.

This is why our energy mix is officially classified as "grey electricity", even if we focus on wind energy and biomass from our region and completely do without coal or nuclear energy. We are convinced that facts count. So please do not get confused by labels. GreenTEC is an absolutely green, environmentally sustainable company.

Good partners

Since May 2016, GreenTEC and Nordgröön energy cooperate to supply electricity from the region directly to your home. We are proud of this partnership - and neighbourhood, as both companies are deeply rooted in Schleswig-Holstein and are good partners.

Your contact person

If you have any further questions regarding our products and services, do not hesitate to call us.

Stephan Wiese

+49 4662 89 12 771
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