Green Data Center

High safety class (TIER4) with 100% regional electricity from renewable energies

Green data center on the GreenTEC campus

Most data centers are characterized by a high degree of automation and an extremely high current consumption. On average, electricity costs account for one fifth to one quarter of server operating costs.

The energy demand in the data centers will continue to rise as a result of the higher pack-size of new server technologies and the cooling or dissipation of heat required thereby, and the electricity prices will continue to rise. More and more IT manufacturers are seeing the time to jump into the green wave when planning data centers. In addition to energy-saving technologies, attention should also be paid to the origin of the electricity used.

The GreenTEC Campus offers ideal conditions for a truly green data center. The 40 former ammunition bunkers in very massive construction are not only extremely safe but also have an almost constant temperature throughout the year.

With our GreenTEC electricity, a supply of electricity from locally produced, renewable energies such as wind power, biomass and solar is already 100% guaranteed. Our site is connected to the fiber optic network via several providers, so we do not leave any wishes in terms of bandwidth and latency open - with free choice of a provider. In addition, it is possible to plan a 120m high radio tower into the data center concept.

Green data center in ammunition bunkers on the GreenTEC campus
  • Favorable room climate in bunkers
  • High safety class (TIER4)
  • 100% regional electricity from renewable energies
  • Broadband fiber with different provider
  • Designated battery storage test area
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High Security Green Data Center