Current objects

Commercial properties for individual use for renewable energy companies

Protected area with a modern infrastructure

A perfect location for companies to promote innovative technologies related to renewable energies in an efficient way.

The GreenTEC Campus offers ideal development potential and business location opportunities for companies and institutions in the renewable energy industry: modern office buildings, education and training facilities, dry and even halls and commercial areas for individually built premises – at highly attractive conditions and with the support of relevant associations, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry as well as of political entities. The buildings are partially in a good condition, as there were several investments and renewals during the last decade. Workshops are on a high technical level.

Special features and using possibilities

GreenTEC Campus offers all at one location and therefore the opportunity to build synergies and to pool expertise. Whether it concerns production or staffing services, logistics or IT, service and maintenance, research, development as well as training for companies in the renewable energy industry.

Special features
  • Special industrial area for renewable energies, E-Mobility, energy efficiency and data centre technology
  • A total of about 11 hectares of fully developed commercial area
  • Representative, well maintained location with modern infrastructure
  • Opportunity to start due to ground level halls
  • Possibility of construction of individual facilities
  • Options for automated traffic
  • Mobility concept
  • "Ökokonto" (Nature conservation)
  • Testing space for battery storage technologies
  • Broadband glass fibre from 10 Mbit/s up to 40 Gbit/s
  • Test track for electric vehicles
  • Data center technology
Allowed usages possibilities
  • Research & development
  • Renewable energies/energy efficiency
  • E-Mobility
  • Service/maintenance/repair (workshop etc.)
  • Energy production
  • Distribution and product exhibition
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Facts and figures
Object GreenTEC Campus
Size 127 ha
Commercial area 11 ha
Autonomous Mobility Track 16 km
Estates Green Data Center:
10 ha
34 shelter

R&D area:
2 ha
8 buildings
Location B5 coastal highway, A23, A7