Technology and energy cluster

The GreenTEC Campus is located in northern Germany, close to the Danish border.

The GreenTEC-Team

Site concept for E-Mobility

The role of alternative mobility concepts and drive technologies is rapidly growing. E-Mobility has become very popular in Germany, while creating a strong demand for knowledge centres. Besides a test track for electrical vehicles, the GreenTEC Campus offers a lot of space for manufacturing, distribution, research, and development.

More about E-Mobility

Commercial areas for individual use

Our representative location offers nearly 11 hectares of fully developed industrial areas for renewable energies, e-mobility, energy efficiency technologies, and data centre technologies. We offer the opportunity to plan and build individual facilities immediately.

Commercial Properties

People - Nature - Technology

Due to its modern infrastructure and protected area, the GreenTEC Campus offers ideal development opportunities and relocation options for organisations active in the renewable energy sector. Our special concept creates sustainable potential for synergies and development, especially in the manufacturing and testing of technologies relating to renewable energies and pioneering technologies. We offer attractive conditions, technical assistance, advice, and service based on our knowledge and long experience.

Electric Mobility

Electric mobility plays a crucial role in the transformation of global energy systems towards sustainability. Using electricity generated regionally for mobility purposes is more sustainable than importing petroleum products. Therefore, we have declared e-mobility to one of our focus areas. Our test track offers the possibility to try various electric vehicles of all kinds.

Free Wi-Fi on campus

Thanks to the support of OffTEC we offer free Wi-Fi.

Green Business Park

Our campus provides optimal conditions for the establishment of businesses and a valuable network in the field of renewable energies. It is a perfect place to promote innovative renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency concepts!

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