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Since 2013, GreenTEC Campus GmbH has already successfully passed on electric vehicles. Battery-operated vehicles with smaller to larger battery capacities depending on vehicle sizes (from small cars to heavy load transport) serve the sector coupling of renewable electricity to the mobility sector. Strategically, the GreenTEC campus aims to integrate into the power supply system as a mobile swarm storage device by means of the technically already existing possibilities of bi-directional charging of the vehicle. Thereby modern electric vehicles are also contributing to grid stabilization.

In addition, the GreenTEC Campus is already working on the next generation of future vehicles on the roads, namely the autonomous vehicles. Together with EurA AG as a coordinator of the project "Autonomous driving in rural tourist areas", we are currently establishing one of only three model regions nationwide for the testing of autonomous vehicles on the GreenTEC campus. These vehicles open up completely new possibilities of a grid supporting behavior - when a battery-electric drive is provided of course. We offer the opportunity to explore this jointly and to formulate appropriate use cases.

Demand-controlled autonomous bus

Innovation network "Autonomous driving in rural areas"

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Green data center on the GreenTEC campus

High safety class with 100% regional electricity from renewable energies

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